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Our oven cleaning goes beyond just cleaning the base; we ensure that the entire oven is completely clean by taking the entire oven apart so that we can have your oven restored back to its best. Known for providing outstanding services to customers, Top Spec Cleaning & Maintenance ltd has built a great reputation across local areas.

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Number #1 Oven Cleaning Service In Yorkshire

The professionals at Top Spec Cleaning & Maintenance ltd provide a thorough approach to oven cleaning in York that is guaranteed customer satisfaction. No need to scrub and polish your oven anymore with our competitive prices, skilled workmanship and first-class service. Our speciality is deep cleaning and repairing ovens. To clean your oven thoroughly, we will fully strip it, including removing all glass components, dropping the upper elements, and removing the fan. Top Spec Cleaning & Maintenance ltd is known for providing superior oven cleaning services in the York area so why not speak to our team today.

Types Of Ovens We Clean Across North Yorkshire And Surrounding Areas

Our professional oven cleaning service is available from Top Spec Cleaning & Maintenance ltd in York for all types of cooking appliances and oven appliances such as ovens, including single oven doors, double oven doors, range style ovens, commercial & domestic extractors, microwave combi ovens, hobs, and AGA & Rayburn ovens. Our oven cleaning goes beyond simple cleaning; friends and family will think you’ve invested in a new oven.

Single Ovens

We offer a professional clean on the standard single ovens that most households have. Restore filthy overs to new life with our service.

Dual Ovens

Oven cleaning is available on dual ovens as well. These bigger ovens can become a task to clean. With our oven cleaning service, filthy ovens are a thing of the past.

Range Ovens

We also offer oven cleaning for range ovens. Get a deep clean on your range oven today with our oven cleaning service.

Extractor Fans

Remove grease and other substances that build up on your extractor hoods with our cleaning services. Extractor fans are an important process of our professional service.


Get a deep cleaning service on your hob. We can easily remove the built-up oil and grease that comes from cooking. It can help to make your oven look brand new.

AGA's & Rayburns

We also offer services for AGA's and Rayburns. Our professional oven cleaning service can breathe new life into your oven.

Reasons To Use professional oven cleaning services

Do you have a rental property? Restaurant or food service? If so, speak to our team today as our oven cleaning experts can do an amazing job restoring all oven types. Keeping a clean oven is essential for many of these services. Our oven cleaning service can restore filthy ovens back to their former glory, which can help you to maintain health and safety standards and provide services that you can be proud of.

Maybe you can’t afford a new oven, but your old one is looking tired and dirty. Then our professional cleaning services can get your old oven looking brand new again. If your looking for a specialist oven cleaner in Harrogate, Sherburn In Elmet or Wakefield then call us today for a free quote and enquire about what our oven cleaning services can do for you.

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In order to make sure your appliance looks as good as the first day you bought it, we go the extra mile to clean it thoroughly. We’ll fully dismantle your oven while we clean it, unlike many other cleaners. To do this, we need to remove the oven doors, upon doing this, it helps us reach grease and dirt trapped between the glass panes which can be tricky to get to. Every time we clean your oven, we use eco-friendly cleaning products. Our team can provide you with a shiny finish for your oven or remove stubborn burn marks. Contact us today to learn more.

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We Pride Ourselves On Providing The Best Oven Cleaning Services In York

Think of us as an oven cleaning doctor, a dirty unhygienic oven can create health issues in the long term. Our oven cleaners leave the customer completely satisfied as they return old dirty cooking and oven appliances to almost brand new condition. It is a demanding task, but our professional service is carried out by fully trained oven cleaning experts that always work to a high standard and with minimal disturbance. Check out what some of our fully satisfied customers have said.

Frequently Asked Questions

A dirty oven can be a health issue, especially if you own a restaurant or other food providing service. No matter what oven type you have, dirt can build up over time. Our oven cleaners can remove that build up and leave you with a clean and safe oven. The oven cleaning process is simple when you know what you are doing and have the right products to truly clean the oven, which is why an expert oven cleaner is essential.

Without a doubt! Kitchen appliances need to be clean. When they are left to get dirty, then you are creating a serious health problem for yourself and those that eat food from your kitchen. Our oven cleaners have access and training to use chemicals you won’t find on the shelf of a local supermarket. They can provide cleaning services York that are reliable, professional, and effective.

This depends on the oven size. Phone us today for a quote and to discuss how our great service is right for you.

This can vary depending on what you use your oven for. Is it a commercial oven or a personal oven? How often do you use it? However, if you regularly get your oven cleaned and maintained, then you will lengthen its lifespan. We recommend a deep clean should be done every 6 months, more if you have a commercial oven.

A professional oven cleaning service will use a variety of different products depending on the dirt and substances present in the oven. A good expert knows what to use and when and has access to chemicals that are not available on shop floors.

A self-cleaning oven uses about 8 kWh of electricity. The main issue is the fumes they emit. A self-cleaning oven will leave your kitchen very smoky and disturbs your environment a lot. Furthermore, you will still need to clean them yourself every so often as they only touch the surface.

If you quickly wipe down your oven after every use, then you will avoid the need to have a big deep clean as often. A simple, quick wipe down can prevent build-ups of grease and dirt. You should still be prepared to do a deep clean every so often, as a quick wipe will only deal with the main surface areas.

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